What does the Brisa Foundation stand for?

At the end of 2008 there was an appeal from former mayor of Groningen, Jacques Walhage, to the Dutch Caribbean citizens in Groningen to set up an advisory board. The Dutch municipalities with a large group of Dutch Caribbean inhabitants were struggling with the problem of connecting with a great part of the target group. To create a solution for this problem, advisory boards consisting of Dutch Caribbean volunteers were set up. This is how Brisa Foundation in Groningen was established on February 23, 2010.

‘Brisa’ means ‘fresh breeze’ in Papiamento and in this case it is associated with the ‘northeast trade’, a wonderfully cooling breeze on the islands in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom.

Brisa Foundation makes a positive contribution to the participation between the Dutch Caribbean community and Dutch society, by providing valuable advice, cultivating mutual understanding and thinking along about government and social policy in order to create a positive image of our community in Groningen.

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